Mobilise Project

The Promote Committee is working closely with Kyra Teaching School on the design and delivery of the MOBILISE projects for Lincolnshire schools. Please visit the Mobilise website for further information and updates on current initiatives, avenues for participation, and events. The homepage provides an overview of the Mobilise project and a series of documents regarding the purpose of the project, commitments, school based leads and timelines.

In addition, you can access a range of Mobilise resources, such as:

  • Special Schools’ Resources
  • Mobilise Choice School Resources
  • Mobilise Choice Cognitive Theory and Memory Resources
  • Mobilise Choice Feedback and Marking Resources
  • Mobilise Choice Teaching Assistants Resources
  • Mobilise Choice Independent (Mental Health and Emotional Well-being)
  • Mobilise Resources from year 1 of the Project
  • Mobilise Case Studies and Key Learning Points
  • EEF Resources