Mobilise Steering Group Minutes

In March 2016, the LLP Board convened a Steering Group to formulate and shape a plan for forming a partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to implement in all Lincolnshire schools the findings of the EEF’s research on the best use of teaching assistants in classrooms. The ultimate aim of the EEF/LLP partnership is to enhance and optimise the educational attainment of every child and young person in Lincolnshire.

The resulting initiative, the MOBILISE project, is a Lincolnshire-wide cross-phase programme of work to evidence the impact of teaching assistants in the workplace. MOBILISE will be run by Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together in partnership with the EEF and the LLP, and the Steering Group will continue to oversee and govern the project and follow on projects such as MOBILISE CHOICE at a strategic level as they roll out across Lincolnshire.