Leadership Briefings Spring 2018

March 15, 2018


Leadership Briefings offer a valuable opportunity for headteachers to receive updates and insights on current issues, developing legislation and new initiatives as well as challenges on the horizon from the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership and Lincolnshire County Council. Attendees where  able to provide feedback to the Partnership and the Council and to network with their peers.


New in Spring term for the afternoon sessions of the Briefings

At each of the Nursery, Primary and Special School Briefings, there was the opportunity to find out more about the latest EEF guidance in the teaching of maths in KS2 and 3. We are delighted that the Kyra Research School will be introduced the guidance.

At the Secondary and Special School Briefing, there was the opportunity to hear all about the Lincolnshire Science Learning Partnership (SLP) – your local network established to meet all your school’s Science Department CPD needs. Set to  review current issues in science teaching and the opportunities available for your science teachers. The session will included an opportunity for you to shape the support offer going forward.

In addition, the Locality Leads where available for half hour one-to-one sessions in the afternoon of each Briefing.


Leadership Briefings Spring Term 2017-2018 Presentation slides

Nursery, Primary and Special Schools Leadership Breifing

Secondary School Leadership Briefing