Board Minutes

“We are a strategic board that set the conditions for schools to thrive in Lincolnshire”

The Board of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership is comprised of elected headteacher representatives of primary, secondary and special schools in Lincolnshire, a chair of governors representative, and representatives from Lincolnshire County Council, the Department for Education, and the Church of England Diocese of Education, Lincolnshire. The Board convenes six times a year to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities facing schools in Lincolnshire. The Board believes that all children and schools in Lincolnshire are its collective responsibility. It wants every child and school in Lincolnshire to be known, valued and supported to achieve. With that, no school is more important than an individual child’s needs.

The Board is committed to championing learners and leaders to shape their own futures; to promoting success, innovation and evidenced practice to benefit all; to empowering schools to meet the needs of their communities; and to challenging all schools to keep getting better.