The Challenge Committee of LLP Board has been instrumental in supporting the development of stronger governance in Lincolnshire. This committee has delegated responsibility for co-ordinating support for the development of governance.

Co-ordination of support

The main aspect of support has been working closely in partnership with Lincolnshire National Leaders of Governance, Lincolshire Local Authority Governor Services, Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education and Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together for the deployment, support and development of NLGs from September 2017. All of this has been developed under a backdrop of changing to a system led school support system within an expanded East Midlands Region.

From the beginning of September 2017 the LLP is committed to supporting the development of governance as set out below. The Challenge Committee has provided financial support through its allocation of funding.

Next steps

The Challenge Committee remains committed to supporting the Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT), The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP), Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), Lincoln Anglican Diocese and the National Leaders of Governance (NLG) and Local Leaders of Governance (LLG) in producing what we believe to be a comprehensive and coherent support mechanism for governance.

We recognise the vital role which governors/trustees play in the education system, and believe strongly that there should be a comprehensive and coherent offer which all of those involved in school governance, irrespective of experience, can access to improve their knowledge and understanding in order to impact positively on the schools in which they work.

Our commitment is to ensure that all governors/trustees from across Lincolnshire are able to access appropriate support locally throughout the year.

Deployment of NLGs to support a school

From September 2017, the co-ordination of NLG deployment will be managed through the region’s Teaching School Alliances (TSA). Schools will be informed by TSAs and partner organisations of this change and mapping is being carried out to ensure that all TSAs have access to a sufficient pool of local NLGs.

From September all NLGs will start to deliver their work through a regionally co-ordinated system (rather than with NCTL) and will receive local support from with a newly-established team of Area-Based NLG Co-ordinators.


The Challenge Committee will continue to support the development of governance over the next academic year and will review progress and impact as part of its on-going commitment to developing stronger governance in Lincolnshire.