The mission of our sub-committee is to challenge all schools to keep getting better.  Our key areas of responsibility include Lincolnshire school-to-school review (known as peer review) and supporting stronger governance. We pursue a range of goals and are commissioning work or support to achieve these goals:

  • Ensuring that each school in Lincolnshire is engaged in peer review and measure engagement
  • Developing and implementing procedures for effective gathering and dissemination of peer review information to support the sector and to identify risks and best practice
  • Gathering an overview of support provision available in Lincolnshire to support school improvement and peer review processes
  • Monitoring and reviewing the continuum of risks for Lincolnshire schools and their data, so that the Board can hold the LA leads and DfE to account
  • Promoting governor peer review engagement
  • Developing and managing Lincolnshire governance leaders to support best practice
  • Providing¬†governance review and training
  • Liaising with governance support from teaching schools and local authorities