Summer Term 2017 Newsletter

23rd May 2017

A note from the LLP’s Chair… on progress

For those of you that attended the recent LLP Leadership Conference, you’ll be familiar with the contrast that I made between the challenges facing us on significant change in the English education system and those of us that yearn for the past. The new landscape is VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It’s been described as a ‘swamp’.

Anthony Partington, Chair, Lincolnshire Learning Partnership

Anthony Partington, Chair, Lincolnshire Learning Partnership

In the past, things were simple – the local authority and the government through the local authority directed school policy. Advisors and consultants ensured that we knew the latest government policy and its strategies were put in place whether there was a great deal of evidence sitting behind what was being done or not. But in this VUCA world, a lot of the familiar ways of finding out information, particularly about changes, have gone. The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership aims to provide a way of us working together to provide this service to each other.

The LLP Board has been working to commission work that will support school leaders in navigating the ‘swamp’. Over the next few pages, you will find details that we hope will make it simpler to make connections with a wide variety of services to support recruitment, leadership development, research, wellbeing and much more.

As you know, the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership has a mission. Together, we want to champion learners and leaders to shape their own futures. We want to promote successes, innovation, and evidence practice to benefit all. We want to empower schools to meet the needs of their communities. And we want to challenge all schools to keep getting better, all the time. It is under these broad headings that the Board has divided its work and updates you about its work in the Summer 2017 Newsletter, which you can download and read in full below.


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Download the LLP Newsletter Summer 2017:
LLP Newsletter Summer 2017